Sleep to Make Your Dreams Reality


Do you sleep a full eight hours every night? Or, do you often find you are still trying to make up for all you had on your to do list while you should be sleeping? Learn how sleep plays a key role in accomplishing your dreams.

Many of you are spending less time sleeping as your list of obligations grows. There is a common belief that sleeping makes you a lazy person. Sleeping is looked at as a nuisance, a hindrance to reaching goals. People are praised for working well into the night and waking as the sun rises.

The truth is that staying up late may mean you are hard working, but it does not mean you will reach your goals faster. It is wise to work smarter rather than harder. If you are not reaching your goals and have a problem getting enough sleep your lack of sleep may be part of the problem.

Research shows that lack of sleep can cause both physical and mental health issues. Some of the effects of not getting enough sleep are trouble focusing, anger, frustration, anxiety, paranoia, blurred vision, pain, inflammation, obesity, heart disease, increased risk of cancer, depression, lack of motivation, trouble staying alert and memory loss.

These are pretty convincing reasons to get a full night sleep. You may be thinking you do not have enough time for eight hours of sleep. In order to be successful you have to make time to sleep.

I have personally seen the effects of sleep deprivation in my own life. A couple of years ago I suffered  the loss of my business and my life was turned upside down. Since then I have been carefully rebuilding and doing a lot of research and self reflection. One of the things I found was a major change in my sleep pattern. Before my life fell apart at the seams I had a very strict sleep schedule. Every night I was in bed by 10 o’clock. I woke up in the morning with little effort. My days were busy, but I had no issues accomplishing everything. My attitude towards life was excellent. I enjoyed doing things with friends and family members and I never had an issue being late.

Somehow, staying up later and later. I was  working so I justified staying up late. I thought that I was doing the right thing and did not realize the effect it was having on every aspect of my life. I started having trouble focusing. I made errors on work. I developed a major problem being late everywhere I went and even missed important events in the lives of the people close to me. I became so exhausted I could not enjoy my life.

That is why I decided repaying my sleep debt would be the first step in preparing for my journey on the road to wonders, which will lead to the destination of my dreams.

You see sleep is plays a vital role in making your dreams reality. You should take sleep seriously. If you are not getting enough sleep you first need to determine what time you need to go to bed to get the proper amount of sleep. Think of sleep as repaying a debt. Every day you accumulate a sleep debt of 7 to 9 hours. If you do not make a deposit to your sleep account you are leaving it with a negative balance. The debt grows until you pay it back.

When you are determining what time you must go to bed try your best to calculate as much additional sleep time to repay your negative sleep balance. To assist you with creating positive sleep patterns keep a sleep journal with details about how much sleep you are getting and how sleep or lack of sleep is affecting your life.

You can also keep track of my progress. I will be posting daily about my sleep debt repayment and details of how my life is changing. I will also post ways I have found to get back on track and more facts about sleep deprivation.

Sweet dreams 🙂
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