Night 1 Sleep Restoration


Ideal Bedtime: 11 pm

Actual Bedtime: 1 am

Bedtime routine: I started my bedtime routine at 10pm by taking a relaxing bath with soothing lavender epsom salt. I made the mistake of reading a book, which I became very interested in. Before I knew it was 12:30. When I realized what time it was I put on my sleep time lotion, sprayed my room with lavender spray, applied a muscle rub to my shoulders, turned the fan on high, AC on low and laid on a heating pad set on low. I put on soothing music and drifted off to sleep pretty soon after I laid down.

I was still tired the next day so after I dropped my son off at school I came home and took a nap for about an hour. After my short nap I felt pretty good the rest of the day.

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