Night 3 Sleep Restoration


Ideal Bedtime: 11pm

Actual Bedtime: 12am

Bedtime Routine: I tried a bit of a different routine last night. Unfortunately I did not get in to bed any earlier than I had the night before. Instead of taking a bath right before I went to bed I decided to watch TV and write the post “Who Am I”. I figured that I would write a portion of the post and then save it to continue today. I  finally completed the post, got ready for bed. I slept with the fan and laid on with the heating pad set on medium. I find that the heating ad really helps to relax my shoulders. 

Today I woke up on time. I dropped my son off at school and went back to bed when I got home. I slept for a few hours. It felt great to not have a ton of things to do today. I really enjoyed getting extra rest and felt great when I woke up from my nap. 

I will attempt to be in bed earlier this evening. Overall I am happy with my results. I am going to sleep at least an hour earlier and I feel much more energized. 


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