Monthly Archives: September 2013

Making a Living, Living


As children we are told do good in school so we can get a good job. I tell my son that very thing all the time. How often are we told to do something that we absolutely love? I believe that doing something we are wholeheartedly passionate about is possibly the biggest key to success. Even if we don’t become rich beyond our wildest dreams we will at the very least enjoy what we do.

Don’t worry I am not about to tell you, “money doesn’t buy happiness”. We all know money doesn’t buy happiness, but we also know without, money it can be pretty difficult to be happy. So, with all that being said I believe that we can all find a way to showcase our talents and enioy ourselves in the process.

When we are passionate about something we are willing to go the extra mile. Look at the many people that start companies that become extremely successful. Have you ever heard one of their CEOs say, “Wow I really hated getting up every morning and coming to work everyday, but I am sure glad I did”? I don’t think so!!!! Usually, they say something like, “We are surprised to be so successful. We started off as a small company doing something we love”.

I believe the success we enjoy by doing something we love is partly due to the fact that others feed off our energy and excitement. This is something every multi-level marketing company teaches. If you have ever been in a MLM company you know that the people that are successful are the ones that believe that they are truly involved in something great. They tell their friends and family with complete confidence, that they have to try their products and their friends and family try it. They want to know what their loved one is so excited about.

This does not just apply to sales positions. This applies to any job. When we are passionate about the job no matter what it is we work harder. We are delighted with what we are doing and that is clear to all that we come in contact with. I hope that we can all find what we love to do and make that our life’s work.


Stretching, The Truth


It was not until my back neck and back began hurting horribly that I began stretching. I stretched in dance and in school, but as an adult the many benefits never occured to me. The benefits reach every aspect of our lives. We are all taught as children that stretching is good for our bodies, but somehow the mental benefits are not instilled in us.

I started stretching one night after a long day working. My back and neck were so tight I could feel a stretching pain in my legs. I have always been pretty flexible. On this day I could not even put my legs flat out on the floor in front of me, let alone attempt to reach for my toes.  I started by doing some light neck and arm stretches. I quickly felt my muscles begin to loosen. That night I went to sleep and woke up with no pain or stiffness for the first time in longer than I could remember.

I started making stretching a part of my daily routine and researched the benefits of stretching. I learned that stretching helps our bodies to detox of the many impurities that build in our system. It helps our reaction time, gives us a sense of peace, aids in eliminating stress and helps us focus. In addition, stretching daily helps prevent muscle damage.

We are all so stressed out now by all that we have to do that masses of people now suffer from neck and back problems. Having stiff muscles is dangerous and puts us all at risk, especially if we are involved in an accident. I learned from my boyfriend, who is te director of a physical therapy clinic that when someone is involved in an accident even if it is minor the damage is far worse if their muscles are tight.

Stretching should be a part of everyone’s daily fitness and well being routine. It is something simple that we can do in minutes and is definitely worth the time we spend doing it. I have found that Pintrest is a great place to find stretches and instructions on how to stretch properly. 

Try it, you will be amazed at how many aspects of your life are positively impacted. If you are a parent stretch with your kids and tell them about the benefits of stretching. I have done this with my 9 year old son and I believe it has helped him as well.