Get Dressed For Success


We have all been told to dress for success, but I have found a new meaning in this. Of course we want to dress the part, but just by getting up and getting dresses before we start our day we are dressing for success. When we are up and ready even when we don’t have anything to do we are prepared to seize opportunities to enjoy life.

I can not tell you how many times I have sat at home (I work at home) without getting dressed, because I didn’t have plans. I almost always get a call from a friend asking me to do something or a call from a client for work. The problem is that because I am not ready to walk out the door I miss the opportunity.

For so long I have been irritated by the people in my life that call last minute. I wanted to go do things, but it seemed like timing never worked out. It was easy to blamed the person calling me last minute, but I only have control of myself.

I knew I had a few options. I could be irritated with my loved ones and continue sitting at home by myself.  I could stop talking to the people calling me last minute and again I could continue to sit at home by myself. Or, I could change what I had control over.

I decided the most productive thing for me to was to prepare myself every morning for whatever life threw my way. I now make sure I am ready every morning before I do anything. I feel good about myself even if I end up nothing. At the least I can see a well put together beautiful reflection of myself looking back when I look at myself in the mirror. Only positive things can come from that.


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