Making Up for Lost Time


Hello All,

I truly regret that such a long time has gone by with out me posting anything. I am going to start posting new content regularly again. It has really been gnawing at me. I have really been wanting to blog lately, but it seems that so much time has gone by that I didn’t know where to start so I figured this would be a good place.

You have to start somewhere. Honestly, I write all the time. I just haven’t been felt like typing for some reason. I do not know why I seem to be so much more creative with my writing when I actually put pen to paper instead of typing. Then, by the time I finish writing typing it out seems trivial. Anyway, I am making a commitment to stay focused with my writing or should I say typing.

I have a few pieces I have recently written that I am going to post. I have decided to schedule time each week to blog. I read somewhere that it is beneficial to write at the same time every day, because then your brain gets used to being creative at that time every day. I already write every night, but I have blocked out time in my schedule 3 times a week to post new content. I am hoping that by following a schedule I can remain consistent.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 🙂


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