Change Can Create Such Wonder


Hello All, 

I am so excited, because I have created so many wonderful things in my life lately. I want to share so much with you. It is late and I do need to get in bed, though. I am going to post a challenge tomorrow that I am about to start and I would love for all of you to take this challenge on with me. I just know that it will create so many wonderful things in our lives. I think that it would be extremely interesting for us to all embark on this journey together and compare notes. 

I just know that by the few changes that I have made recently I was able to stop taking ADD medication that I thought there was no way I could quit taking. Every time I tried to stop taking it I would feel totally drained. I figured I would need it for the rest of my life, but just by stating positive affirmations in the morning I was able to overcome this huge hurdle. Also, I quit smoking cigarettes. That was another hurdle. 

So, I want to do an “I am” statement affirmation challenge. I see how greatly “I am” statements have helped me over this short period of time. I want to see what else they can help myself and others to accomplish. Small changes and positive affirmations are AMAZING things that can effect all of us in infinitely positive ways. I am bursting at the seems with excitement and happiness!!!

Please join me tomorrow in making our lives better than we have ever imagined possible. I just know that we are all capable of truly amazing things. 


Lots and lots of love to you all, 




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