Challenge: “I am” Statement Challenge Day 2


“I am” Statements:

I am free

I am motivated

I am energized

I am completing tasks

I am successful

So, today I felt a bit unmotivated and honestly exhausted. I have felt that way for a few days actually and have felt really discouraged. I have been saying my “I am” statements dilligently, but still felt tired and defeated. So, I decided to evaluate things. This is totally off the topic of “I am” statements, but never the less I feel I should share.  I realized I have not been drinking any water or anything else for that matter.

I am pretty sure I was really dehydrated. So, I have been rehydrating all day and much to my surprise I feel MUCH better. I guess “I am” statements do not cure dehydration lol. I guess the moral of the story is making sure to take care of our bodies physically is just as important as feeding our minds with positive information. I planned on making that a seperate challenge after this one, but looks like I need to be more mindful of that now.


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