Monthly Archives: April 2014

Beautiful Words From Beyond


The other day I found pages from a journal entry I wrote two years ago in my brief case. I have not used this brief case in two years. I found it and decided that I would start using it again. I was cleaning out the bag so I could begin using it again when I came across a page from my journal. I read it and the words touched me. They were about the day I found out that a good friend of mine’s Mother-In-Law passed away after a long battle with cancer. The journal entry said, “I did get some sad news today. Chad’s Mom passed away. Nazish was really upset. She is such an amazing friend and person. I am so blessed to know her. I know that Nancy is in heaven smiling down at her and that she appreciates all that Nazish did during her last days.” I was so touched by the entry and felt a strong prompting to call my friend and share with her what I had written. So, as I usually do when I have one of these promptings I called her. I read the entry to her and was shocked by what she told me. She told me that the night before and that morning she had been thinking about Nancy. She had wondered if she had done the best that she could to take care of Nancy. At the end of Nancy’s battle with cancer she called me one day very frustrated and confided in me that she did not know if she could care for her. I told her that Nancy’s battle with cancer had been long and that I did not believe that she would live much longer. I told her that I knew that this was a huge responsibility, but that Chad (her husband), Nancy¬†and any future children they would have together would greatly appreciate the sacrifice that she made during this time. Nazish often has thought about this, but on this day it was heavy on her mind. It really touched her that I called and shared this with her. I told her that I was pretty sure that Nancy used this as a way to convey her appreciation to Nazish and to reassure her that Nancy knew she did her best. What a beautiful and profound message this was. I am so thankful to have been able to share this beautiful message with my friend.