Inspiration from a Child


I feel truly honored to be the mother of a most amazing 10 year old boy. His name is Jeremy and he is almost done with the 4th grade. During 1st and 2nd grade Jeremy was in a program at school called Reading Recovery. It gave him one on one time with a teacher to help him with reading. He was ahead of other students in his vocabulary and could spell the words out loud, but he struggled with reading.

I read with Jeremy before he started school and every night while he was in school I read to him. It was hard for him, because he would get so frustrated. Also, he felt different because he had to leave the classroom to go to his reading classes and the other kids knew he was in Reading Recovery.  I really had mixed feelings about this because I didn’t want him to feel singled out and have self esteem problems.

I made it a point to tell him that he could do anything he set his mind to and that I knew he could overcome this obstacle. I took him to the bookstore frequently and bought him books he was really interested in, to encourage him to want to read. It was hard for me to relate to him though, because reading was something I never struggled with. Actually, I always loved reading and excelled at it. I felt responsible and wanted to be able to help him.

In 3rd grade Jeremy stated to catch up to the other kids in reading. He even started to enjoy reading. He finished out the year with average reading score. Throughout the summer I took him to buy books often and had him read to me. He started 4th grade and was doing much better. He worked very hard all year in anticipation of the STAAR standardized test he would have to take at the end of the year. 

Today I got a call from his teacher. She said, “Jeremy had something to tell you”. I immediately thought he must have done something wrong,  but he told me, “Mommy I got commended on the STAAR test for reading”. My eyes teared up. I was about to walk into an appointment and here I was standing outside, overjoyed at his success. I told him I was very proud of him and his accomplishment.

He is an inspiration to me. I will not forget what he was able to do by believing in himself, sticking with it and giving it his all. You better believe I will never let him forget it either. I am sure there will be a time that he feels overcome by a challenge, as we all are at times, but I will kindly remind him of this victory. 


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