The Greatest Accomplishment…


The Greatest Accomplishment...

Sometimes it is hard to get up when you fall. Your pride is hurt and you question your ability to succeed, but when you get back up and try again you know what mistakes to avoid.

I am trying something again now for the second time. I was hesitant for a long time to make another attempt at it, but I realized that the first time I tried I did pretty well. Then, something went wrong. When I tried the first time it seemed effortless. I believed in myself completely. I remember feeling on top of the world, because I was making my dream a reality.

It has taken me a while to gather my courage, but I am now ready to give it another go. My goal is to forget that I tried and failed before, but to remember the insight that I gained. I am pretending to try this for the first time only with more knowledge about how to succeed.

If I happen to fail again, which I won’t, I will pick myself up again and give it another go. If we really want something we have to try not until we fail, but until we succeed.


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