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Starting a New Venture


It has been quite a while since I last posted. I apologize for that. Life has been very busy,  but what I realize is I was happier posting. I have gone through a difficult time, but hiding doesn’t change that. It actually makes it more difficult.

I have hidden from friends and family, because I am critical of my own situation. I had to learn something I have really known for a long time and that is that we always have to have faith. When you lose faith everything really starts to fall apart.

I finally learned to have faith again and things are getting better. I am doing the work I always enjoyed doing and working on a business venture I have been trying to launch for a few years.

I hope that with my new found faith and help from a good friend that I will be able to finally get this going. I am excited about possibilities again, which is a very important thing in life.

I hope to share this part of my life. Wishing love, good memories and success to all who are on the journey to wonderland.