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A Time to Remember – At the Circus


A few weeks ago I decided to take Jeremy, my amazing son, to the circus. It had been a while since we had enjoyed something like that together and Jeremy had never been to the circus. I was really excited when I purchased the tickets. I got the best tickets I could find. Our seats were right in the middle, so we wouldn’t miss anything.

Jeremy was with his dad for his summer visit, so I thought it would be special to pick him up for a fun activity. He always misses me when he is at his dad’s for a long time. I called to tell him about his surprise and he couldn’t wait.

The big day finally arrived. I picked him up and off we went.  Eric and Jeremy’s grandma joined us. When we got there I bought Jeremy a ridiculously priced program, which came with clown glasses. Jeremy’s little face, which honestly isn’t so little anymore, lit up like a department store Christmas tree. He insisted I fix the glasses right there, before we walked in, so he could wear them.

We made it to our seats right as the show was starting. Jeremy watched in amazement as the clowns and performers did their routines. He was awestruck at the tricks performed by the tigers, elephants,  and poodles. He excitedly applauded for the performers. I was filled with joy at the site of the most important person in my world having such a grand time.

At intermission, Jeremy wanted nachos, so Jeremy, Eric, and I made our way to the concession stand, to buy a couple outrageously priced orders of nachos.  We returned to our seats to watch the second half of the show, which the ringmaster promised would be even more spectacular than the first. Jeremy ate his nachos and finished watching “the greatest show on earth.”

It seemed like the show ended not long after we returned to our seats. Jeremy again applauded the performers. When we first arrived at the circus a dragon sword caught Jeremy’s eye. He’d asked me then if he could have the sword and I told him he could, but that he had to wait until the show was over.

Jeremy was so polite, as he usually is. He waited without out one word to get the coveted sword. I know it wasn’t easy for him, because he really wanted it the moment he laid eyes on it. We made our way to the souvenir stand and purchased the special sword.

Jeremy was the happiest kid on earth at that moment and I wouldn’t trade that experience with him for all the money in the world.  I haven’t been able to take him to do a lot of things like that recently, because work had been a bit slow. In the past, I always made it a priority to go do fun things with my precious child.

Our circus experience ignited a spark in me. It made me realize how important it is to build these special memories. Jeremy won’t be excited about going to the circus pretty soon, at least for a while, when he becomes more concerned with what his friends are doing than spending time with me.

I have to treasure every amazing moment with him. It doesn’t matter how much money I have. I can engage in fun activities and share special memories with Jeremy for free and that is what I intend to do. Everything else will be okay as long as I am rich in love and life experiences.


Stretching, The Truth


It was not until my back neck and back began hurting horribly that I began stretching. I stretched in dance and in school, but as an adult the many benefits never occured to me. The benefits reach every aspect of our lives. We are all taught as children that stretching is good for our bodies, but somehow the mental benefits are not instilled in us.

I started stretching one night after a long day working. My back and neck were so tight I could feel a stretching pain in my legs. I have always been pretty flexible. On this day I could not even put my legs flat out on the floor in front of me, let alone attempt to reach for my toes.  I started by doing some light neck and arm stretches. I quickly felt my muscles begin to loosen. That night I went to sleep and woke up with no pain or stiffness for the first time in longer than I could remember.

I started making stretching a part of my daily routine and researched the benefits of stretching. I learned that stretching helps our bodies to detox of the many impurities that build in our system. It helps our reaction time, gives us a sense of peace, aids in eliminating stress and helps us focus. In addition, stretching daily helps prevent muscle damage.

We are all so stressed out now by all that we have to do that masses of people now suffer from neck and back problems. Having stiff muscles is dangerous and puts us all at risk, especially if we are involved in an accident. I learned from my boyfriend, who is te director of a physical therapy clinic that when someone is involved in an accident even if it is minor the damage is far worse if their muscles are tight.

Stretching should be a part of everyone’s daily fitness and well being routine. It is something simple that we can do in minutes and is definitely worth the time we spend doing it. I have found that Pintrest is a great place to find stretches and instructions on how to stretch properly. 

Try it, you will be amazed at how many aspects of your life are positively impacted. If you are a parent stretch with your kids and tell them about the benefits of stretching. I have done this with my 9 year old son and I believe it has helped him as well.